Today is the first day of Spring. Already. I like Spring.

I have finished my Best of 2015 Mix. Here it is. I hope you like it. I could apologize for taking so long, but I won’t.

This year, I decided to make a cut-up using 1 lyric or part of a lyric from each song. It was an interesting experiment, as I don’t pay nearly as much attention to lyrics as I do to the way a song sounds. So: I guess I learned a little more about each of these songs, listening carefully and jotting down the lyrics that stuck out to me. Here it is:

i am going back to knowing nothing / oh woes keep me, it’s a jungle inside / i ran until it hurt / you can leave your valuables here with me / when i am gone, at least i won’t be thinking /when i die i won’t become a ghost / you can’t come back / a murder of crows decides / just don’t make me wait forever / and all the times we spent in cars / moments of clarity are so rare

and time was erased, yes

i’ve come all this way to hold your hand / realistically we’re somewhere in between / i’m blinded by the possibility / could i be the sky on the fourth of july

and it goes dark again

this atom bomb in me

you’re not the warrior I would die for

if we are truly dancing our swan song, darling / i’m going to cover myself with the ashes of you / everything once within reason / a dawn, unmarked, undone, undarked (a god) / the way the water was cut in two

and you ruin it in the evening

they won’t find us lying down on the ground / got my new car and my gun / mansions, there are mansions in the sun / threw up in your mother’s azaleas / but there’s blood on my hands / you better go somewhere far

some things could be seen from above

i always forget

of course, of course, of course, of course, of course we just do not know


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